About us

Our goal

We want your company to keep operating in the best possible way, with usage of top solution available. We believe that in the 21st century companies wanting to stay in business must deliver their services more quickly and efficiently. The reason for the above statement is that a company which wins today on the market is distinguished by grabing a smallest edge over its competition. We believe that in order to have an edge over your competitors, you must have a qualified team of professionals behind you. We believe that appropriate use of the latest information and communication technologies has a direct impact on having a team of qualified staff. How do we drive our goal to become a fact? We believe that the fastest way to learn new skills is e-learning enhanced with the latest technologies. When designing our products and services, we decided that they should be friendly, easy to use, accessible to everyone, and should not require any IT knowledge from the user. We also want to guarantee the acquisition of new knowledge in a comprehensive and above all effective way.

We offer

Implementation of distance learning dedicated systems.
We offer dedicated distance learning systems. Those systems give possibility to customize them accordingly to customer individual requirements, both in functional and graphical desing areas. We have 5 years of experience in software modifications of Moodle™, Joomla, WordPress and PHP, MySQL, Flash, HTML 5. We prepare trainings offering the nutshell knowledge of FLASH, HTML 5 that are compatible with the SCORM format. We have created the Polish Open Source E-learning Group associating 20 e-learning companies, which allows us to provide truly comprehensive and competitive services on the market (www.poseg.intersiec.com).

Our mission

„Increasing the profits of our clients, through professional management of development projects.”

Our vision

„We want to be a leading provider of advanced software solutions for Poland and for the world. Customers are our passion as in Customers we find our drive to exist. Through our products and services we want to co-create their profit and contribute to their success.”

About us

INTERSIEĆ company since 2007 provides a professional implementation and management of development projects. Services are based on the PRINCE2 and Scrum project management methodology.

INTERSIEĆ has a comprehensive offer for e-learning implementations. We offer consulting and advisory services, configuration of e-learning platform, implementation of software changes and development of multimedia training courses based on materials provided by the Customer.

The foundation of the company is a team of IT and management professionals. Experience of employees is based on several years of work in the IT companies in the financial, telecommunications, research&development, educational and scientific industry.

Implementations method

We are using:

  • methodology: PRINCE2, Agile / SCRUM
  • software: Dotproject, Mantis, SVN

Our expierence

Throughout the period of activity, e.g. from August 2007 we have already completed more than 200 projects in the implementation of e-learning.

Core values

In ever changing world, our principals remain solid. They lie at the core of our business, accompany us from the beginning and help create a culture of our organization.
Our set of core values is a specific code of conduct for INTERSIEĆ company, because the values it contains are not only believed in, but first and foremost are followed throughtout daily work.

INTERSIEĆ core values are:

  • Client - is for us the most important of all values. Each client is treated individually and we try to accommodate the terms of cooperation for each individual. We are aware of how different are our customers, how different are their expectations, therefore, first listen to the needs of our clients in order to be able to present the optimal offer. For us, everyone is unique where our flexible approach gives an crucial edge.
  • Professionalism - our team consists of experts who always ensure the highest level of project performance. Both in terms of quality and schedule.
  • Innovation - we never stop with improvements. We constantly follow changes in our business and improve our skills in order to offer cutting-edge products with highest quality possible.
  • Passion - our team consists of passionates. While creating a team, we've aimed to combine work which has to be done with passion of every team member. It's important while developing various projects not only to perform specific operation, but also put a little bit of heart into it as well.
  • Respect and good relations - respect both each other as well as all those with whom we cooperate. In the same way we care about the relationships between employees, as well as those that connect us with our customers, and partners. We believe that only durable, reliable and trust-based relationships are the key to success.